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What is an estate sale?

Every family has a story that tells of an impact on ones life transitions. If you or a loved one is going through such changes, you know that the decisions and planning are not always easy. A professional estate sale is the best option.

An estate sale service will assess the values of the items in a household or business. They will make price recommendations and offer references to pricing evaluations.  Most professional estate sale services are fully responsible for the full event, including a certain amount house cleaning.  Reputable estate sale services have regular customers who appreciate the standards that their service provides. Only hire a company that offers proof of being licensed and insured. Do not hesitate to ask companies for references. A professional service should always be able to comply with all requests. Finally, ask if there are any up and coming sales that you could attend to see how the sale operates.  


After the Estate Sale

There can often be items that do not sell that are left behind after an estate sale. These items can usually be donated(great for tax write offs) or purchased in a last minute bulk buy out. We will not stop until the job is done!

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